“Elsewhere” museum // Greensboro, North Carolina

Dear Reader,

In January 2010, I started a blog—called Dimples Goes to Africa—to keep my family and friends informed about my adventures during the four months I spent living and studying in Accra, Ghana. Turns out people enjoyed keeping up with me and reading about the countless bucket showers I embraced and the many weekends I spent in tro-tro’s maundering through that gem of a West African country fittingly nicknamed ‘the Gold Coast.’ I, in turn, realized I enjoyed writing to them and describing my experiences in a country for which I was falling head over heels.

So I decided to keep at it, writing about my adventures from the road and from wherever it is I happen to be calling home. With this Cabinets of Wonder blog, started in June 2010, I hope to share stories that resonate. I hope to ask more questions than I find answers. There will be rambling, there will be confessing, there will be original photos for when words don’t suffice. There will hopefully be glimmers of truth, and there will most definitely be constant wondering.

Missing you all, wherever you are in the world. I, for one, am curled up next to my mom in bed at home in Stuttgart, Germany, with two dogs at my feet and the contents of a couple half-open suitcases strewn around me.

May 2010


It’s now 2013, and I write this from a humid room overlooking a bustling street in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I now live and work. What began in June 2010 was a place for me to stay connected with people I love most, and whom, for one reason or another, I cannot see, speak to, or write to as often as I would like. This blog continues to serve that purpose (thank you, loyal readers!), but—over 100 posts later—it’s also now become a more public place for me to wonder out loud, to fine-tune pieces of writing, and to share things I’ve had published.

When I get that urge, that impossible-to-ignore urge, to create and write, this is one of the first places I come to. This is where I come when I can’t help but share stories, especially stories of fascinating places, of broken places, of soul-crushingly beautiful places. And as I continue to travel, learn, and listen, this is where I’ll always come back to.

Yours in wonder,

P.S. Check out my first post for a fun explanation of this blog’s title and theme.

P.P.S. Unless specified otherwise, all photos on this blog are my own (and copyrighted).

Museum of Contemporary Art // Athens, Greece

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