One of the things I love to do with this blog is share writing that is not my own. I habitually turn to other people’s words for inspiration and support; I love when I read or hear something and think, “Yesyesyesyesyes.” And so on this first day of 2015, I’m sharing words others have shared with me over the past few years. Almost all of the following sentiments were written to me by people I am very close to; a couple were written or spoken by writers I admire. I keep these words close, always. They bolster and illuminate and, above all, speak to the resilience, the light of all lights, that pulses within each of us. 


“When you have it in you, take some time to reflect on the ups and downs of the last year, dear one.  It’s incredible.  Like riding on the river rapids (so I’m told…as you could guess I’ve never done such a thing), so high and so low.  You held on and let the ride happen with all the fragility of your beautiful soul – that’s all you could ever ask of yourself.  You’re building resilience and spreading love in spades. Don’t ever forget it.”

“Home isn’t one place all the time. Home is what you are doing and how you are living these days. Look at what your life is about, your values. That’s home, too.”

“Be personally excellent and interact with people from your heart, and all the rest will take care of itself.”

“Please believe that you are not only beautiful, but a beautiful person. When the time comes for you to have to fight something awful in your life, know that.”

“…I think I would go back in time and give myself a message about patience, humility, and the importance of listening—not just in a literal way but a grand scope way…I would say, ‘It’s going to be okay. It’s also going to take some time. You have a lot to learn, and it’s okay that you don’t know it. You can’t force yourself and you can’t hurry into it.’”

“And don’t forget that you are ______ ______ and you do it your way.  So if you want to turn this day around, you just go right ahead and do it.”

“…and I think life isn’t so much about the mistakes we make but how much faith we put in the better, brighter energy that is always lingering by them.”


“Maybe one day we will cross paths again. But until then, keep living your life with curiosity, adventure, and love.”

“You’re in the middle of a gift even if it doesn’t feel like it. It takes strength to make it through these times with centeredness and acceptance. Strength is your forte.”

“After all these years, I can say this: as we go through life, it’s the efforts and the accomplishments we remember most. The disagreeable fades away.”

“You’ve given much and you’ve received much in return.  You now have so many exciting times and adventures ahead.  Go for it!  Go for it all!  Who knows where it will all lead, but since it’s you, I know it will be good for you and good for others.”

“Whatever your shift is this year, I honor where it takes you. If your path is easy, may it be easy like a river is easy, because some innate pull leads you around obstacles. A flowing that has outgrown resistance. And if your journey is hard, may it be hard like the breaking open of a seed pod when the tendril curls toward the sky. A natural releasing.”

“Hey. You. Go disturb the universe.”



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