when the world ends (because one day it must)
the earth will jump on its tiptoes first
and squeeze itself tightly
so everyone living there will open their eyes
and look around for the first time (maybe)
and see where they are and smile (maybe)
there will be small gasps and words caught in throats
and there will be rivers of salt on faces from tears
and crying out
but mostly there will be laugh lines and dimples
because on this day the earth jumped
and the people opened their eyes for the first time
and everysinglebody was alive

laughing final


The above words were probably written by my dear friend Joanna, but she can’t confirm this :) I came upon the poem on a digital sticky note on my old laptop, and after reading it, I knew it had to have been written by either Joanna or Hemingway. For now, it’s a delightful mystery—one that led to me searching for my favorite photos of laugh lines and dimples from over the years. I don’t know the last time creating a blog post brought me as much joy as this one did.
To everyone in this collage full of laughter,
and to all who have deepened my laugh lines and dimples:
thank you.

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