One of my fellow Fulbrighters here in Sri Lanka recently sent around the following article, published earlier in 2012 online at the Huffington Post. It’s written by Tom Healy, chairman of the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and writer who teaches at NYU (yes, I do in fact want his life one day). I love, love, love the focus of his article and what it says about Fulbright scholars and the things we should be most focused on while abroad. I just had to share it:

Fulbright Scholars: Sharing the World through Storytelling

Some of my favorite bits:

“Fulbright wasn’t founded in 1946 to send people on vacation; it was founded to bridge communities, to build ties, to share knowledge, to solve some of our pressing global challenges, and to work for peace.

“Fulbrighters prove that storytelling is very much alive — in the wilderness and the city, in medinas and souks and villages, among the cats and storks, up in the world’s tallest buildings, out in the slums and labor camps, on artificial islands lined with McMansions, along the fragile coast, in the sandstorms of the desert. They tell us about the worlds they find and the worlds they share in making.”


And, in the spirit of sharing stories, check out my latest post published on Pink Pangea! :

Safari, Sri Lanka-style // By: Natalie Lampert


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