On a recent trip to Denver, I learned a few things.

I learned what everyone else already knows about Denver — that it enjoys, on average, 300 days of sunshine every year.

I discovered it’s a city of 200 parks, miles of bike trails, numerous microbreweries, and one big, blue, peeping-tom-of-a-bear.

To my delight, I learned that the following treats are available in plenty:

crêpes are so important.

I learned about the beautiful Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, thanks to a fun day trip down there. I mastered — alongside some wonderful relatives — the South Side Stomp at a line dancing (club?) called “The Grizzly Rose.” Aaaand I learned that in this town, an unexpected snowstorm is nothing to fret over.

But after a few days of exploring, the question remained:

It wasn’t the altitude, which felt all too familiar — my first exposure to high altitude was on a safari in Kenya, where being so high up had me taking looong afternoon naps every day. And it wasn’t the excellent library or art museums, because that was to be expected! Maybe it was the Tattered Cover bookstore, a gem of a literary haven that I could’ve spent all day in.

Whatever it was — and it was probably all of it — it’s going to keep me coming back for more. What a great city.

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