As many of my blog-followers know, I have been working on a research thesis project for the past year and a half that explores the impacts of gold mining in communities in western Ghana. And, if you followed my Ghana blog – – you probably read about my visits to mining towns.

I am presenting at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Ithaca, NY at the end of the month, where I will be giving a 20 minute oral presentation. The beginning of my presentation will include a mini-film that captures the essence of my visit to Prestea, one of Ghana’s major mining communities and where I conducted the majority of my field research. I worked with a talented Communications student at Elon to put this together over the past two weeks, and after many, many hours, it’s finally complete!

I’d love if you watched the film, and I’d love even more to hear your thoughts and feedback, especially regarding the film’s content. I’m very passionate about this research and the issues I have been exploring; my goal with this project has been and will continue to be to spread awareness about the negative impacts of extractive industries. And that means helping to tell the stories of these miners in Prestea, and helping to get their voices heard.

Please send any questions or comments my way, and/or post them on the YouTube link below – let’s generate some dialogue!

Glitter or Gloom?: Mining West Africa’s Gold Coast


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