Written last Tuesday

I’m sitting by the fire in a Marriott hotel, enjoying a complimentary glass of wine thanks to the Business Manager’s Mixer going on around me. I should be on a plane to Frankfurt right now, but ‘high winds’ have left me in Raleigh for a night, staying at a hotel six minutes from the airport. This is the first time I’ve been delayed overnight because of weather, and I have to admit, I’m a little excited.

When I opened the door to my room, I grinned and just said Yes. I cranked the heat up, piled all of my things on one of the king-size beds and myself on the other. There’s a hot tub down the hall, free breakfast in the morning… this really isn’t such a bad way to start a vacation, especially for the “Distressed Traveler’s Rate” of $69/night.

And after two or three nights of very little sleep due to end of semester exams and papers, I’m basically purring by the time I curl up under the covers to write this and fall asleep reading. It’s 9 p.m – the fire and hot tub were great, and now I’m in heaven.

Except.. I can’t help but turn on the huge T.V. in my room. I rarely watch T.V. at school, and, well, I’m on vacation, right? After twenty minutes of flipping through the channels, I remember why I don’t do this at school. The only good things on are Jeopardy and poker on ESPN. Okay, CSI: Criminal Intent is on too, but I’ve turned it on in the middle of the hour so it doesn’t count.

I’m reminded of a piece of news I read recently: Congress recently passed a bill putting a maximum volume on T.V. commercials. Seriously? We have to pass legislature mandating what’s too loud? I don’t get it.

I turn the fancy thing off and return to my book, enjoying this night of limbo in-between the rushed, intense end of my second to last undergraduate semester and what will be a short but busy and fun week in Stuttgart. I’m alone and comfortable, looking forward to a deep night’s sleep. I am pretty sure the snowy weather is going to be interfering with many people’s travel plans over the next week or so.. and I know there’s nothing worse than being stranded somewhere when you’re en route to the people you love and are spending the holidays with. My parents and I are flying back to D.C. on the 22nd to spend Christmas with Ben, Katrina, Ann, & Granddaddy, and I hope we make it back. And, friends and family, if you’re flying through the snow anytime soon, I hope you make it where you’re trying to go, too!

With that said, Weather Gods, your ‘high winds’ turned out to be a blessing to me tonight – but can you please make sure I can fly to snowy Stuttgart tomorrow? Mom and Dad, the Weihnachtsmarkt, friends and my puppies await. I’ve only got a few days and I’m ready to enjoy them!

stuttgart's famous christmas market (image from google)

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