The broken compass on my bedroom shelf

Where the wild things are

! and ? and &

Inside Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) Wisconsin cabin when he’s writing songs

Able to spell things like Wisconsin, banana, and Tennessee without doubting myself

Packaged with care



Jennifer Connelly in Blood Diamond in real life

A lighthouse keeper

Double stoppings on a violin

A lifelong nelipot

Riding shotgun next to Kerouac


The freshest first bite

A little girl on a tire swing

The humongous green glass goblet on my desk

Latte art

Stepping into a bathtub

this is in the maldives. i wish i could say i took this photo.

Waist beads

Able to still do a cartwheel when I’m 60

Able to look back and say that was good when I am 90

The lens of William Thompson’s camera (first underwater photographer)


A collage


Five inches taller (but just for one week)

A Moleskin notebook in the back pocket of a construction worker

The heart of a broken story

A private pilot

Named Damien

A sunflower that isn’t born knowing to turn towards the sun

Sitting at the table when the committee who gives out the Pulitzer Prizes is discussing potential winners

The mint green silk robe that is currently on my body

Married on a boat


An explorer of the Milky Way

A grape-stained cork

Imprint MT Shadow font

Drawer of the first peace sign

A typewriter being used at dawn

Ink being scratched onto paper

Fully present, always aware

The spiral staircase/double helix in the Vatican museum

A found puzzle piece

Rollerblading across the country

Channing Tatum’s loofah

A driver

Under a tree

In a hammock under the stars

A writer for National Geographic Travel Magazine

A dusty road map in a glove compartment

Made In Space

A wonder cabinet

Surrounded by books for forever.

(To see the meaning of some of the above unusual words, check out



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