I’m sitting in the USO (United Service Organization) at Dulles Airport. I have seen USO’s at airports all over the place for years now, but have never had the chance/time/opportunity to venture into one. Well. Seeing as I arrived at the airport a good three hours before my flight to Malaysia tonight, I thought I’d stop in here. All one needs is their military I.D. card to enjoy the room and everything in it (I am forever grateful to my mother for this one).

Well. I have struck gold. Yay for military benefits and free things!! Tons of books, magazines, pillows & blankets. Comfy leather chairs. Wifi (as you could tell). Big screen TV. Free food – and when I say food, I mean awesome things like Hot Pockets, hot coffee, Sour Patch kids and — wait for it — Girl Scout cookies. Yes, I currently have Thin Mint crumbs in my lap at the moment, thank youuuu.

So, I’m in heaven. And I’m contemplating not getting on my flight tonight (though I’m flying Qatar Airlines, which is new for me, so I’m pretty curious about that). But I so badly want to be in Malaysia already, and at the Global Model United Nations conference! I’m representing Turkey in the Security Council, and I am so excited (and a bit nervous!) about this upcoming challenge. I cannot wait to meet tons of new people, learn so, so much, and be involved with the biggest model UN conference in the world.

And celebrating my 21st birthday in Kuala Lumpur is going to be pretty neat, too.

And I’m off!

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