My dad and I are seriously considering doing something crazy – but awesome – next summer.

We are planning to bicycle across the United States.

The route we are planning to take begins in Washington State and ends in Virginia. We’re thinking about spending 2-3 months on the road with a small group of people doing the same.

Anyway, more details to come! We’re still very much in the planning stage and nothing is definite yet. But everything is in the works and we are both very, very excited. For me, this will be an incredible adventure to embark on after graduating from Elon. For Dad… well, I don’t want to speak for him at this moment, but it’s a huge thing for him, too. :)

(By the way, info is welcome! We’re still in the research mode and are looking to have lots of conversations with people who have done this before or know people who have done it. So, please, get in touch with me!)

Below are some photos of Dad and me on an afternoon bike ride in and around Garmisch, Germany, a few weeks ago. We decided we are great biking partners and can easily spend a few months crossing America on two wheels together!

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