Where it’s warm in Iceland
How to make the best hummus Mom’s ever had
How to fake an accent
How to build a fire
How to speak French, Swahili, Italian, Indonesian.. (this list is by no means exhaustive..)
How to fly a private plane
The best way to approach a lemur

How to write in cursive
How to marry across religions and tribes
About U.S. History
How to wake up without knowing what’s coming next
What it’s like to wake up and not remember what country you’re in
About traffic circles/round-a-bouts
How to carry things on my head (I failed to master this in Ghana; however, I did collect water from a well and carry it to a house I was staying in once)

How to mow a lawn
About négritude (literary and ideological movement)
The correct way to throw a disc (Frisbee)
About night vision
How to make jollof rice
About the history of the U.S. Coast Guard
How to change a tire
How banks work
The best way to map, and know every constellation of, the entire night sky
How to knit (and probably how to sew, that would be useful)
About quicksand
The best place on Earth to see the Northern Lights

How to save money
How to say “hello” in 25 languages
Why it’s always harder to leave when things are still good
How to make a cake with tiers
How to land a paid internship
All the Greek and Latin roots
How to tango, waltz, foxtrot, polka, rumba, and swing

How the Internet works (I mean, come on. Where exactly is all this information, all these photos, all these words we share stored? How do my words get from Germany to Kansas in a matter of seconds?)
How to play chess
How Einstein was able to discover laws, prove theories, and write great essays
How to play the harmonica
What happens, exactly, to dissolvable stitches once they dissolve
Why small people get stuck on water slides
The best way to go about making it to the eighty-two places on my “Places To See Before I Die” list before I actually kick the bucket.

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